The work of American Heritage Trees is undertaken in partnership with the parent tree owners.  Our nonprofit serves as a catalyst to educate Americans about their rich national heritage and provides an opportunity to own a piece of American history. 

By growing and selling these trees, we are teaching American history and preserving American history for future generations.

Buy a tree then visit to the site of the parent tree to see it in person and learn more about its historical significance.  

Our Trees

We sell trees from American History
American Heritage Trees

Heritage Trees Preserve America’sHistory!

American Heritage Trees is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate and share American history.  We accomplish this through the cultivation and sale of descendent living trees related to famous people, historical sites and events.  

We sell Heritage Trees and only Heritage Trees.  Each tree has some special significance in American history.  Each tells an interesting story about U.S. Presidents, explorers, writers, and other famous Americans.